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I’m a member of a Facebook book group. People put posts related to books and therefore we discuss books. We have also given each books through Random Acts of Kindness, Secret Santas, Summer book swaps and to mark birthdays. It is a lovely community!

The last few years we have had a book challenge each year where we read books of our choosing to fit different categories.


In 2021 we have also started picking a book each month to read. Then on the date of the book club discussion someone posts questions within a Facebook event and you can contribute ever your like. I like that can take time to form what to say and everyone gets to hear say whereas sometimes when discussing verbally the conversation can move in a new direction, before had say.

Books read and discussed

Pet Semetary by Stephen King.

The Midnight Library – Matt Haigh

They Both Die at the End – Adam Silvera

The Sight of you – Holly Miller

Pet Semetary by Stephen King

The Family Upstairs by Lisa Jewal

Inside Broadmoor – Jonathon Levi and Emma French.

The Power – Naomi Anderson

The Colour Purple

My favourite was definitely Midnight Library. It was one of the many we chose that centred around death! It was however uplifting and thought provoking. Similarly The Sight if You and they both die at the end was thought provoking about the choices made in life and whether best to know your destiny or not.

We also read Pet Semetary. I think it’s message was that death is part of life.

The Colour purple features a ghost. I found this book a little hard to follow and did not really engage with it.

Adding to our rather dark theme we read a true crime book about Broadmoor which is a mental hospital part of the prison system where serial killers go. There was some interesting parts of this book but ultimately it got very repetitive!

The power is not a genre I would choose to read as it is dystopian; I got through it, it was ok!

Finally the family upstairs involved some murders.

Next year we are starting with the Book Thief.

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