Just Like That … Sex and the City sequalae

I have watched the first episode!

It is futuristic as it is set post covid. The characters reminisce about having to be 6 feet apart! As we are still in the midst of covid then who knows when it is set!

Carrie and Miranda wear glasses. Miranda has grey hair but Carrie and Charlotte are trying to persuade her to dye it to cover the grey. Charlotte has not aged a day; still same Lucius locks! All three are still married. Charlotte’s husband has lost weight which makes sense living under Charlotte’s regimens for so long! Charlotte’s adoptive daughter is a piano prodigy. Whereas her natural daughter seems to be rebelling against her!

As we all know Samantha is not in the show. As always in different scenes there has been different combinations of the friends then it is not that obvious. A fight is referred to as Carrie had dispensed with Samantha’s publicity services. This leaves it open her to return in another series.

Samantha’s former boyfriend is not in the first episode either. But I noticed Miranda goes in a bar called Smith’s; so maybe Smith owns that?

The episode quickly reconnects viewers with the characters rather than having major drama .. until right at the end…


Out of the blue; just like that Carrie’s husband John / big … dies! Probably not helped by Carrie going to hold him rather than call 911!!!

So this sets Carrie up as single again …

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