She’s Mine by A.A Chaudhuri Discussion Points

I’m afraid I was not feeling that impressed by this psychological theory, I found that how twisted some of the characters were, was not believable. Also some of the plot was rather implausible and other parts too obvious. Although it has made me think – so perhaps it has impact – Is that the same as being good?Below I will explain in more detail however please note this will reveal spoilers 🚨

Spoiler Alert 🚨

As soon as it was described how Janine had been in Hong Kong for years with an adopted daughter I was suspicious that she was the kidnapper; it just seemed to be too big a coincidence.

After Freya came to lunch where Greg and Ella not present I began to suspect Robyn, Freya and Amber were the same person and it fitted with the title ‘She’s Mine’. who I will now refer to as Heidi mk 2. Putting aside how twisted it is for Heidi mk 2 to be sleeping with her Father, brother and sister how was it even logistical possible for her to have conned them all by and for them not to find out until she was ready for it to be revealed? I guess can understand how Heidi mk2 manipulated the two men but, bit far fetched that the sister could be persuaded into a same sex relationship – I’m not against same sex relationships just concept of all 3 fancying same person; just too unbelievable!

Logistically still how did Heidi mk2 have time for all three? Then how did she keep everyone from finding out they were all sleeping with the same person? Can understand Greg was keeping it his affair a secret and can see his was a less time consuming relationship for Heidi mk2. But don’t know why Dan and Ella could not show each other photos of their partners. Or at least why Dan did not show Ella a picture, as what reason did he not to? You would think with socail media or picture message he would have sent an engagement photo? Then when he brought her round for a family dinner it was just too convenient that Greg and Ella were not there. Of course Ella was colluding with Heidi mk 2 so she had reason to keep it secret. Again something else I do not find believable is that Ella would have continued an intimate relationship with Heidi mk 2 when she revealed she was the daughter of someone her Mother had an affair with; knowing her older sister had been abducted then surely she would want to know who Heidi’s Father was or wonder whether they shared the same Mother?

The author tried to keep suspense by not revealing who Christine had been having an affair with. Christine whole life was wrecked with guilt how did she never reveal it to anyone? How could she continue her relationship with Janine?

The way it was done was irritating always keeping him so anonymous; I can see was needed for the story because if it had been known by the characters and or the reader before then that would have totally changed the book. But it was just really clumsy how she would not give his name or even in here point of view sections she did not think of him as Janine’s husband! This book would not work as a film because would know who Heidi mk2 in all her guises was and who Christine’s affair had been with.

The other way the author tried to throw the reader was with Miranda’s point of view; showing how Miranda was jealous of Christine and her having a baby. But the suggestion that at the same time Janine kidnapped Heidi that Miranda was about to do the same thing was again unbelievable. It is not like supposed friends are always about to kidnap your children so too women aiming to do it the same day is too far fetched.

As regards the actual kidnapping, I can not buy into how Janine persuaded her husband Nate to inflict kidnapping the daughter of someone he loved or at least lusted, the author just said Janine blackmailed him with revealing the affair and that would have been bad professionally. But surely he would not risk being found to be involved with kidnapping a child?! Suspending disbelief and thinking he would go along with the plan … well it was not exactly foolproof! There was no guarantee that Christine would have been distracted enough to wander away and let the buggy out of her sight; yes I know the fact the book says she did is meant to show she cared for her lover more than her daughter. But even if she had not been intently guarding her daughter for her to have been so far away not to see and hear her daughter taken? And for no customers to see and the shop assistant to have disappeared into the stockroom too?

To stretch things even further we are then expected to believe Nate knew Janine had killed little Heidi but still lies for her. Furthermore he stayed with her knowing she was a psychopath who killed a child and he moved countries with her an adopted a child with her and he let her corrupt their adopted daughter.

I mean how on earth did Heidi mk2 get so twisted to sleep with sister and brother. Fair enough she knew Greg not her Father. Then after being apparently so under Janine’s spell she suddenly hated her and killed her.

It was certainly a creative book!

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