Sheffield bears are STRICTLY fun?

Following Sheffield’s successful elephant sculpture tour to fundraise for the Children’s Hospital this year there has been a tour of bears also to Following Sheffield’s successful elephant sculpture tour this year there has been a tour of bears; both raised funds for Sheffield Children’s Hospital. We had to bear with last year as for obvious reasons they were delayed last year.

I enjoyed the achievement of visiting all bears. However did not quite enjoy the bears as much as elephants. I think the elephant’s shape was more interesting – as evidenced by how my then tiny nephew and niece could walk between elephant legs and under trunks. Whereas the bears basically had a front and back that could be decorated. Pretty as bears were I felt most were geometric patterns and not so many themes like Inside out elephant showing it’s skeleton and baby inside or the space elephant with rocket launching up the trunk – yes 5 years on those types of details stick but a few week’s on not so sure as familiar with the bears. Partly as now work at home spend last time walking past the bears. Also this time inside of scanning the sculptures with an app it was an ‘enhanced website’ which had to be close to bears with then the bear on map would start jiggling and you would press to’ catch’ that bear. Where bears were close together could catch a lot in a big batch but that meant did not spend much time reading the plaque on the bears then for the elephants where had to scan QR from the plaque. Also sometimes the technology would refuse to ackowledge was stood right by a bear – so ended up spending time moving mobile and trying to get it to locate bears rather than absorbing bears.

I also bought too mini bears and decorated them which was fun and means I always have 2 of my own bears. The big bears were auctioned off on 18 October. Now the fun is looking out for where the bears are rehomed!

So far the biggest post auction excitement is that Dan Walker, local new presenter who is currently appearing on Strictly Come Dancing bought one with his dance partner so maybe the bear Nano will feature on Strictly on Saturday?

Quaser bear is going to be homed appropriately in Bear Tree Records who’s signage inspired it’s design; which is in the Forum shops. Looking forward to spotting more!

To see my bear photos search for the Instagram tag wonderwall360sheffieldbears

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