Morris the Miner

Morris miner represents 18th century and the mining heritage of the area. The children developed a whole story about how he found a pot of gold digging whilst digging the gold. Then used it to fund a sailing trip to far away lands. I love how he represents 18th century yet bought flip flops on his travels; I do not know when flip flops were invented.

Morris the Miner

By Matt Black (

dug for coal for years, thinking about

fires and keeping warm,

till one day he found a pot of gold,

most of which he gave to the poor,

but he also went on an adventure

– bought a rowing boat and went to France, Australia and Pakistan,

brought back a brown necklace and some flip-flops.

He lives in a small house with no electricity, no water,

but he’s kind and has lots of friends.

He has 4 children and 25 grandchildren

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