Freddy the Fiery Fork-Maker

Freddy was to represent the 19th century and the areas’s steel / cutlery making heritage. I like in the poem, how he is not sterotyped as one thing and has varying interests as 19th century is when people began to have more free time as they did not have to focus on basics of getting food and could have hobbies.

In reference to the poem Blackburn is an area of Sheffield (in addition to the town of the same name)

Freddy the Fiery Fork-Maker

By Matt Black (

is a love heart,

a cool

cat, beautiful, funny,

with lots of friends,

lots of energy,

a mover, and shaper, and shaker,

he melts iron and hearts.

A good man, accurate and kind,

strong and patient, modest

,living in a little flat in Blackburn.

A ball room dancer,

star-gazer, cutlery diva –

he is a star!

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