Drag Queens and Naked People

Way back in 2018. I had a Cultural day seeing the naked people on a Ramblers then going to the theatre.

2018 culture day part 1

2018 culture day part 2

Yesterday it was a repeat but even better!

The Naked People are some iron statues between Meadowhall, Sheffield and Kimberworth, Rotherham. They were created through a project with school children and also based on the children’s ideas a poem was written for each statue by poet Matt Black. The statues originally had a plaque next to them with the poem on but all but one of them has gone awol. Luckily since then Matt Black has been able to find his poems and even better he came along and read his poems to each statue. It was a lovely sunny afternoon for sculpture and live poetry. Over the next 10 days each day I will feature a different statue and poem with Matt Black’s kind agreement.

The next part of the cultural day was cantered around seeing the film of Everybodies Talking about Jamie on it’s premiere day. The film is an adaption of a stage show that was based upon a documentary about a 16 year old becoming a drag Queen; I watched the documentary for the first time last week. I fell in love with the show when I saw the premiere of the theatre show in Sheffield. I have seen the show multiple times now and was an extra for the final scene, therefore I felt I should have been invited to the film premiere! Alas not quite, instead I viewed film costumes in the winter gardens and watched the star of the film Max Haywood and the original Jamie on the PINK carpet. It was fabulous to see a film premiere in Sheffield. It is a pity some of the well know names of the film; Sarah Lancaster, Richard E Grant and Shobna Gulati did not deign to revisit Sheffield for the premiere. I then watched the film at the Showroom. I intend to watch the film at some point on Amazon prime to look closer at the Sheffield locations and see if I can spot myself in the final scene!

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