Top 5 Tuesday Scavenger Hunt: Books with People on the Cover.

This week’s challenge from Meeghan was to find 5 book covers with people on. I created a smiley face with my books with people on.

Eyes 👀

The Shelf by Helly Acton. Has a row of women as the title suggests on a ‘shelf’. What the women in the book have in common is that all their boyfriends ha e decided to apply for a tv show where they take their girlfriends to a tv studio where the girls get told they have been dumped. They then get the option to take part in a big brother type reality show; with the carrot being £10thousand if they stay a week then the chance to win 1 million. The women fact wacky and sometimes sexist challenges. It is an interesting way of recovering from a relationship by having time out just to process it. Plus someone who is prepared to humiliate you on tv is not worth it – some lucky escapes!

Titanic Sisters by Patricia Falvey.

Titanic sisters and other Titanic books


When the past kills by MJ Lee is a detective murder mystery I have recently read.


The colour purple by Alice Walker prominently features a woman’s face.

The mouth features nearly all my copies of One Day by David Nicholas which either feature outlines of faces or stills from the film.

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