Top 5 Tuesday: Books with food on the cover

During August we are being set scavenger hunts on a Tuesday by Meeghan. Therefore these are not necessarily top 5s just what can be found.

This week the challenge was to find books with food on the cover. I was surprised how few I could find searching through my shelves and my Instragram tags Wonderwall360books2020 and Wonderwall360reading2021.

1. The Rosie Project Graeme C. Simsion has a lobster 🦞 on the cover. I reread this one recently. This is my favourite of the books in this list.

2. James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl of course has a peach πŸ‘ on the cover. I have two copies as have the original copy I read as a child plus I have recently bought Roald Dahl box set from a charity shop.

3. Each peach πŸ‘, pear 🍐, plum by Janet and Allen Albherg. I don’t have a copy of this book but it came to mind from childhood / reading to my nephew as having beautiful fruit illustrations on the cover.

4. Eat, Pray, Love by Emma Gilbert, the eat is spelled out in pasta 🍝. It is a rather disappointing cover the descriptions of eating in Italy are magnificent; pizza πŸ•, pasta 🍝 and ice cream 🍦. The Italy part of the book which started the book was the best for me after that it became duller for me!

5. I struggled to find a 5th! Then I pulled this book from my shelf; Homework Sucks by Simon Mayo and saw it had pizza πŸ• in the bottom right of the cover. It is a non fiction book of facts.

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