Top 5 Tuesday Top 5 rereads

Meeghan’s topic for this week was top 5 rereads.

I’m not a regular rereader as there is always too many new books to read. However coincidently I’m rereading two books this month in preparation for book discussions.

1. I’m rereading Rosie Project by Gramme Simsion for a book discussion at the end of June.

2. I’m rereading Rebecca for a book club discussion at the beginning of July.

3. I love the book One Day. I have read it twice and listen to it on audio books. I have now purchased multiple different cover versions of it. Therefore I imagine at some stage I will reread or listen to it again.

4 I recently found in a charity shop a boxed collection of Roald Dahl’s children’s books. Therefore I would like to reread some of them possibly reading some outloud to a child.

5. I recently devoured the Wild Silence which is the follow up book to the Salt Path by Raynor Winn and I think in the future I would like to go back and read the two books back to back.

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