Pocket books

I have recently learnt about pocket books also called flipback books or in Holland dwarsligger (the term comes from the Dutch words “dwars,” or crossways, and “liggen,” to lie, and also means a person or thing that stands out as different). I learnt about them because I was looking to add to my collection of One Day covers; SPOILER I succeeded and will share my collection on Instragram on 15 July which is the one day featured in the book, Anyway one of the different vesions I found was a v bhnyynnnpnn so I bought that and have subsequently researched flipback / pocket books

These pocket books are a little larger than a cassette tape. Or to be more modern; their length is a bit shorter than my Iphone 6 (See Instagram Wonderwall360 for pictures). Really thin paper is used in the books to condense the books however, still the book I have is 4 times as thick as my Iphone. Therefore a you would need deep wide pockets to fit it in. Would struggle to shove in slim fitting jean pockets.

The text of the pocket books, is horizontally along the long side of the books. You are meant to be able to read them one hand by flipping the page up, similarly to swiping up a smartphone. Perhaps I’m too much of a luddite but I don’t think I could read this book with one hand. I need to hold it in one hand. Then if trying to swipe with other hand whilst holding in one hand I could not really get the pages to smoothly flip. I think I would have to turn them in a more traditional manner. But that would be fiddly too; as pages are so small, reading horizontially and the pages are so thin. Not really tried to read the book properly in this format as I have so many copies of it but think would be irritating as don’t get usual amount of text on the page so would be constantly turning pages.

This article from the New York times has more information about pocket books including the quote from author John Green

“Young people are still learning how they like to read. It is much closer to a cellphone experience than standard books, but it’s much closer to a book than a cellphone. The whole problem with reading on a phone is that my phone also does so many other things.”

My opinion so far of these books is that they are fun to look at for the novelty. They may be good if some reason really wanted a small book to carry around but as I don’t often carry books around then I do not think this format is for me. I guess it would also allow to fit more books in less space so I would be tempted to buy different books just to see covers rather than keeping full size version of the book.

Have you any experience of pocket books? If so what do you think?


From reading this are you tempted to read a pocket book, if so why?

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