Top 5 Tuesday on a Thursday – Adaption better than book

Bit late to this prompt from Meeghanand also not necessarily read the books that I’m dissing in favour of the adaption!

1. Bridget Jones films are funnier then the books by Helen Fielding I think based upon reading one. The book are diary entries and have dry bits like her weight, alcohol 🍷 🍹 🍸 intake etc…

2. Possibly Normal People tv series better than the book. I definitely loved the tv series last year. Not read the book but just read Conversation with Friends which like Normal people is by Sally Rooney and it has similar locations and characters so could picture the characters better from the great characters in the Normal People tv series.

3. I’m going to try reading a Dexter book but don’t think I will like as much as the tv series. As don’t think will be able to imagine / want to imagine the gory scenes!

4. Shakespeare language can be hard so think good adaptions can bring it to life. Meeghan included Romeo and Juliet film by Baz Lurhman; I do like that adaptionbut would like more if had mixed standard language between the Shakespearen language. But 20 years later – that fish tank scene!

5. Jersey Potato Pie think film and book are quite different but enjoy both!My book and film spoiler free review

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3 thoughts on “Top 5 Tuesday on a Thursday – Adaption better than book”

  1. I read both the first Bridget Jones and Dexter books and basically hated both of them. So, I definitely prefer those adaptations as well! 😅
    I also really love the Romeo + Juliet adaptation!


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