First post lockdown 3 beer

The UK officially wnt into as third lockdown at the start of the year. Prior to that areas were in tiers. Sheffield being in a tier 3 leval prior to lockdown 2 and between lockdown 2 and 4 meant lockdown meant it has been months since pubs in Sheffield open. I was lucky that I was in the lake district in tier 1 area when the second lockdown started so was able to go into some pubs then.

According to the governments roadmap out of lockdown 3, pubs were able top open from April 12th and serve customers outside. It was a week before I went in for my first drink. Many local pubs have not opened yet for some this is because they do not have sufficient outdoor space to merit opening. Additionally it appears my local Wetherspoons are currently undergoing some refurbishment. I tried post a 10mile walk on Saturday 16th April to get a drink but the three pubs close to the end of the walk that were open were all full to the limits of their outdoor capacity. One of them had people queuing and we were told it be an hour and half or two hours before would get in!

I have had my first drink in a pub since November in the Lake District on a sunny Monday lunchtime at the Plough in Bradfield on 19th April.

Also on 12th April non essential shops and places like hairdressers were allowed to open this makes life more pleasant. For example, I bought books in a charity shop yesterday and I have a massage booked today.

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So many wonders of the world to write about on my blog wall. I'm an Oasis fan hence the using wondewall as blog name.

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