Top 5 Tuesday: Books I want my wanted children to have

During March Meeghan has got us thinking about children’s book. This week is a free week on this theme, my top 5 list is 5 books I want my children to have. I do not have children yet but would like some little bookworms. In preparation I have already bought a box set of books of Roald Dahl books for children as I loved (love) his children books. Also loved his autobiographies; Boy and Going Solo and his short stories for adults.

My list of books to share with younger children:

1. As I like flamingos 🦩 a flamingo book such as ‘That is not my flamingo’ or Felipe the flamingo.

2. Postman Pat by John Comcliffe as it features a special place to me of the Lake District.

3. Peepo by Janet and Allan Ahlberg. My Mum likes this children’s book. It has lovely rhymes and illustrations.

Each page gives a different glimpse of a baby’s day, as the adults in his world go about their obscure yet urgent tasks. The initial view of each full-page illustration is through a peep-hole in the centre of the page. A rhyming text describes the picture, and asks “what does he see?”

4. Santa is coming to Sheffield is a book I have already bought for two families as it features the city I live in.

5. The Very Hungry caterpillar 🐛 by Eric Carle. This book has beautiful illustrations. It is educational as lots of counting and it teaches about how caterpillars 🐛 turn into butterflies 🦋

What books do you like passing on to children or reading with them?

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So many wonders of the world to write about on my blog wall. I'm an Oasis fan hence the using wondewall as blog name.

6 thoughts on “Top 5 Tuesday: Books I want my wanted children to have”

  1. Oooh!! Please tell me all about your favourite place in the Lakes District!! I lived there for a year when I was 19!! I stayed and worked at a tiny little place near Scafell Pike.


    1. Wow. That is amazing getting to spend a year other side of the world. Australia is on list for a visit. Don’t think will be leaving UK this year with Covid. We usually stay at Keswick and travel around from there. Climbed Scafell in 1996.

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      1. I love Keswick!! Such a pretty area. Hoping you get to Aus in the next couple of years. We’re all feeling a bit isolated since we’ve had our borders closed for over a year. 😞

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