6 for Sunday: books set in own county

‘A little bit a lot’ has set the prompt this Sunday of 6 books set in own country. She is in England like me. She has given her post a northern slant; check it out Here.Whilst I have injected my home city Sheffield into my list.

In the last few weeks I have read two books by Sheffield born Matt Haig.

1. How to stop time by Matt Haig.

2. The midnight library. Which I started a few days ago and have already finished because it is so good! Will be mentioning it more! Much prefer to how to stop time!

First impressions of Midnight Library

3. All places cried in public by Holly Bourne. Is partly set in Sheffield. It includes the Botanical gardens and the Leadmill.

4. 34 days; Anita Walters which I read in 2017 two years after the events of the book which are mostly in Sheffield. Therefore I could relate to Sheffield events in this book.

5. Meet by Steelmen by Theresa Tomlinson. A children’s book about statues of steelmen in Meadowhall, Sheffield coming alive.

6. The post birthday world by Lionel Shriver is set mainly in London but as it features a snooker play it also features Sheffield where the Snooker World Championships are held.

Post Birthday World Review

Next week’s A little but a lot’s prompt is books set in other countries. See Here for her list for this week and all her prompts for March.

Have read books set where you live?

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