Top 5 books I will Definitely Read this year

This week Meeghan has asked what we will definitely (well almost certainly) , read this year. These are books I intending to read to complete the Locket book challenge for which there are the following prompts:

A book with a preposition in the title (e.g. in, on, through, under)

A book set in Africa

A book with a colour in the title

A book with a family member (e.g. brother)in the title

A book with the name of a town or city in the title

A book with a school subject in the title (e.g. English, History…)

A book about a journey

A book with a girl’s name in the title

A book by a local author

A book with a type of plant in the title

A book with a beautiful cover

A book with a body part in the title

My top 5

1. The 7 husbands of Evelyn Hugo to finally see what fuss about Tayler Jenkins Reid is. Also in terms of the Locket challenge Husband fits into the family member category, of is a preposition and it Evelyn is a girl’s name.

2. The Geography of friendship. My sister bought me this book for Christmas. I do not know anything about the book but handily as it includes geography in the title it fits the school subject category.

3. Americanah by Ngozi Adichie which is a book club book later this year. It centres around Nigeria therefore fits the Africa catergory.

4. Black eyed Susan’s by Julia Herberlin will allow me in one swoop to tick off a lot of categories for the Locket challenge; colour, body part, girls name and black eyed Susan’s are a flower therefore also counting under category of a plant.

5. Arabian nights was given to me by book secret Santa 🎅. It falls into the beautiful cover category as it is a Penguin hardbound cloth edition with it’s own ribbon page marker. Going to be tough as nearly 500 pages of dense small text.

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