Top 5 Tuesday anticipated 2021 books

I just have two but Meeghan who set the topic has five; see Meeghan’s post for her five plus links to others that have participated this week. My two are:

1. I read the Salt Path by Raynor Winn. in just a couple of days last week. The author Raynor’s husband has a terminal condition and they have been evicted it is about their journey walking 630miles. I want to read the sequel The Wild Silence to find out what. happens next; it is out 27May2021.

Reading about walking long distances

2. I read the Thursday murder book club by Richard Osman last year. I loved the characters, so wanted more of them. A little bit scared of the sequel as it is about murders in a retirement village so more of the same may start seeming ridiculous in a small community but I’m prepared to find out! This sequelae is not out until September 2021!

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