Blogmas: This or That Tag: Festive Edition! 🎄

I did my own festive My this and that earlier in December but I have now also done some of Elsie LMC questions; check out all her questions and answers in the post linked Here

Eggnog or hot cocoa

Not had eggnog on it’s own. Think may have had in hot chocolate and if so it was ok 🙂

Real tree or fake tree

My parents always get a real one. I have a fake as always at there’s for Christmas Day. This year with pandemic and not being allowed visitors, I have not put it up.

Gingerbread or sugar cookie


Classic candy canes or rainbow candy canes

Don’t usually have either. But think red white definitely traditional and therefore most Christmassy.

Angel topper or star topper

I have an angel.

White lights or multicolored lights

I have multicoloured lights.

Green Christmas tree or white Christmas tree

My tree is green it provides a good good background for multicoloured baubles and lights. My colourful baubles

Have seen beautiful white trees but think need to be more constrained decorating and limit the colours to get them to look right.

Snow or no snow ❄️

The thought of a pretty white Christmas is very romantic. But in reality in the middle of this pandemic when limited in what can do will want to do lots of walks so snow could make that difficult and make it even more isolating for people.

Christmas movies or Christmas music 🎶

Definitely music. I have not watched many Christmas movies at all…Christmas movies and me

Christmas Eve or Christmas day

Christmas Eve because the run-up to the big day just feels magical! I wish the feeling could be bottled up ✨ (I wouldn’t sell it, I’d show off about it instead 😂).

Snowmen or reindeer


Snow angels or snowmen building

Never done snow angels and it sounds a bit of a cold wet pastime, and just left with some ruined snow. So definitely snowman ⛄️ building; you end up with something that lasts at least hour or two that you can be proud of.

Peppermint or salted caramel

Salted caramel.

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