Blogmass: Locket Challenge

This year I read the following books that fitted the 2020 Locket challenge books.

Book set in wartime

Over the Rooftops. Set in Amsterdam during 2nd world war. Mini review in my April Summary.

April summary

Autobiography or biography

The Coops got bananas 🍌 by Hunter Davis. Included in April summary.

A book with a one word title

Capital by John Lancaster.

A book with food or drink in the title

Blood orange by Harriet Trice.

A book over 500 pages long

Caroline’s sister by Shelia O Flanagon.

An author’s debut novel

A woman is no man, Etaf Rum

Doll’s House which is debut for Phoebe Morgan. Have since read her book The Babysitter and enjoyed.

A prize winning book

Olive reader won Richard and Just how to get published prize. Read in January.

January 2020 Summary

A book that is set in an European country (not the UK). 

West of the wall by Marcia Preston which was about the Berlin Wall.

A book published in 2020

Sex and Lies which was a collection of interviews with women by the author of Lullaby Leila Slimani.

A book with z or q in the title

The Saboteur of Austwitz by Colin Rushton.

A book about books

Paris by the book by Liam Callanan. Was set in a book shop in Paris.

A book with a geographical feature in the title (e.g river, mountain etc).

Lake house by Kim Edwards. Included in April summary.

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So many wonders of the world to write about on my blog wall. I'm an Oasis fan hence using wondewall as blog name.

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