Death : The book of two ways by Jodi Piccoult

Rather appropriately I started reading the book of two ways on Halloween / Mexico day of the dead. It is about a woman who’s first career was looking at Egyptian tombs and then later became a death doula falling supporting her dying Mother. A death doula is about supporting a dying person and their family. I think it was an interesting concept the parallels between the openness of Egyptians with their preparations for death and the work of a death doula. Disappointingly especially for a Jodi Piccoult book who’s work are usually so good at exploring contentious issues, this book did not get realise the potential of the concept and failed to get deep into the issues of death.

Earlier on in the book the woman is involved in a plane crash. Apart from the story is not too clear as to where the crash fits into the chronology. Initially the issue with this, is what you think happens after the crash does not quite make sense. Also the book does skims, very briefly over how this woman who has had so much to do with death handles the prospect of her own death.

I did get through this book in 8 days. Partly because on the 8th day I was seeing my sister to pass it on to her so sat down to get to the end. It was not too much of a chore doing this; it was very readable just it lacked power and was disappointing as an avid fan of Piccoult.

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