Top 5 Tuesday: Books I’m glad I read

I started writing this post with prompt from Meeghan by thinking what books I was glad I read this year but that, was turning into just the books I have enjoyed most this year so that is a bit boring. Instead I have widened it out timewise to cover books that I’m pleased I have read even though may not have loved the process of reading the book,

1. 1984 not an easy book to read. But good to understand when people make reference to concepts in it such as big brother. I wanted to understand when people made those references to 1984 and was inspired to read it when I saw Cocoa in Sheffield were doing a book club meet for it. This book therefore got me it to that; thinking about it on and off I must have been going to that book club intermittently for more than 5 years. Last year 2019 Cocoa stopped hosting it. We met at the beginning of 2020 in Hoppers on Ecclesall road and since lockdown have gone virtual.

2. Rebecca. I’m not a big fan of classics but this is my favourite. I enjoyed reading it I’m glad that I can say I have enjoyed a classic albeit a modern classic.

4. Extract of Catch 22. I remember reading this in St James Park next to Buckingham palace. I’m glad from it I understand the catch 22 situation but as the extract was so hard to read I’m glad I did not attempt the full book.

3. The idea to include this book in my Top 5 came from Cheryl who included in hers. Like me Cheryl was not an earlier adopter of Harry Potter. Here comes an unpopular opinion I’m including the first Harry Potter on this list and saying I’m glad I read it even though I did not particularly enjoy it. I’m glad I read it so I can say I have tried it and it was not for me rather than just saying I have not read.

5. One Day by David Nicholas. Because I have enjoyed reading it twice. The second time I read it was in Edinburgh where I chased the characters footsteps, so it has given me hours of entertainment!

Retracing one day

Oh yes I’m also glad I read it because I manage to shoe horn it into many Top 5 Tuesday’s!

Are there books you are glad you read even though you may not have throughly enjoyed? Either like Meeghan this year or in your lifetime?

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