Happy Victober!

Last year for Victober I read second in Little Women series so this year I will read the third in series. It is the right time for the challenge but not quite in true spirit as not a British author.

Victober is an annual reading challenge from Katie at Books and Things, Kate Howe and Lucy the Reader to read Victorian literature. The following challenges have been set. I’m not sure I will complete many challenges. I may think about what could wear as Victorian clothes.

The Challenge

Read a Victorian book that equates to your favorite modern genre.

Read a Victorian diary or collection of letters.

Read a new to you book and/or short story by a favorite Victorian author.

Read a Victorian book from a previous Victober TBR that you didn’t get to, or one you’ve been meaning to read for ages:

Read a Victorian book while wearing something Victorian/Victorian-esque.

The Read-Along

Part of the challenge is reading a book along with everyone else. You can join the Goodreads Group if you want. The book assignment is Shirley by Charlotte Brontë

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