Top 5 Tuesday the final instalment if the A-Z of character names

Over the last few weeks based upon prompt from

I have been trying to remember a book character for each letter of the alphabet. It turns out the books I read as a child were more memorable / read more series like Postman Pat rather than one off books like now therefore can recall children’s book character’s better than adult books.

Here is the whole alphabet from A to Z.




Um…I have feeling read a book with a Ursula in but can not remember what. There is the Ugly sisters 👯‍♀️ in Cinderella.

Violet from Charlie and Choclate factory far better than Verruca.

Willy Wonka for more double points! This is another character from from Charlie and the Chocolate Factor.

X just a cross here. Amongst the 5 letters for this week.

Yao from 9 perfect strangers by Lianne Moriety from 9 perfect strangers,

Zoe as above from 9 perfect strangers.

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