Double Top 5 Tuesday Favourite Charcters A-J

Great prompt for September from Meeghan Reads

Each work listing top characters for 5 letters of the alphabet. I missed last week’s therefore today doing A-J.

It is difficult to remember character names sometimes as they can be ordinary sounding names. But as the below shows the more unnusual names from children books stick in head more!

Anna from 34 Days by Anita Waller. I like this character as she is from Sheffield where I live.

BFG Big Friendly Giant by Roald Dahl. What a fantastic name and a actually fgiant and when that is friendly and blows dreams through children’s bedrooms at night into theitr heads; what more do you want from a character.

Celia from the series by Penny Vinzenzi starting with No Angel. I can not remember how many books are in this series but Celia is the matruiach and series takes her from 18 years old to elderly years and kept me entertained.

Dexter from One Day by David Nicholas. I love this book. He is one of half of the will they won’t they romance this book centre’s around.

Emma from One Day. She is the other half of he will they won’t they romance this book centre’s around.

George from George’s Marvellous medicine. Another fabulous character from Roald Dahl.

Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. Such beautiful books showing all that the caterpillar eats before metamorphosing into a Caterpillar.

Ian from the unwanted Guest. I pondered this letter for a while then looking at books around me realised Ian is a character from this murder mystery I have just finshed. Upon further reflection thinking for I could have an unnamed character from a first person perspective book as in ‘I did this’

Jasmine from  One Day. She does not actually appear much in the book as she is only a baby in the book. But in the absence of a One Day sequala I had a go, a couple of yeares ago, at thinking myself what Jasmine would be like as a young asdult blogger.

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