Who I suspected in The Unwanted Guest (Major spoiler 🚨)

This book by Shari Lapena was a Richard and Judy book club book. Richard described it as a locked room Murder mystery. It was set in a remote hotel that gets isolated when snow and ice cuts power and phone lines. The hotel has no Wi-Fi or mobile reception. I got through the book in a couple of days. I did suspect different people at different times but ultimately narrowed it down. These were my thoughts as I read…SPOILERS AHEAD 🚨

When Dana was killed wondered if was going to end up being her fiancé or otherwise not knowing enough it could be almost anyone else. Wondered about Riley as she was alone for part of the night whilst Gwen with David.

Then when Candice was killed the possibility of unknown killer roaming hotel was raised due to the messed up room.

Then there is a while when all together without a murder. During this time there are various pointers to Ian. Thought he could have slipped out and killed Dana as Lauren had taken sleeping pills. Then Bradley is killed and he is still in the frame. He is implicated further by Lauren saying they were apart for part of the afternoon. But then I also started getting an inkling it could have been Lauren as she could have slipped Ian her sleeping pills, they were not together when Candice or Bradley murdered. She then of course tried to direct blame on Ian. There was a clue about her not wanting to reveal her secrets.

Suspicion that it was Lauren was confirmed when the earring was found; indeed it was confirmed as her then the reasons for the murders disclosed. When Henry found dead I straight away thought Beverley had done it thinking it would be covered by the other murders.

So the book did have me guessing but ultimately I guessed correctly.

I have previously read by the same author the Couple Next Door. I probably enjoyed the Couple Next Door more as it was a less twee setting but it also had me guessing! It centres round a baby going missing when the parents are at a dinner party next door.

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