The Dolls House Discussion Post Contains BIG SPOILERS by Phoebe Morgan

This story is told from multiple points of views. There are points of views from three named points of views. There is Ashley a Mother of three with the chaos that involves. Ashley’s sister Corrine. Corinne is undergoing IVF with her partner Dominic who provides third point of view. The family issues of these three provide a rich tapestry alone but the other dimension is that the sister’s have been observed for years by a illegitimate daughter of their Father and herMother his former liver. I don’t think there is lover much mystery that it is the Father’s former lover and illegitimate daughter who is the watcher? Or do you disagree? This point of view is told with short italicised sections of prose between chapters. I hate italics it makes me just skim read. Is it just me that has this problem with italics?

Where the mystery is as the illegitimate daughter and Mother are not named is who they are, you are sure it is one of the names non narrators in the book. However there seems to be do many female characters in the book that is could be. Who did you suspect?

The biggest pointers point to the new neighbour Gill so of course that is a red herring and it is not her.

The shady Instagram contact of Ashley’s daughter emerges. There is also the female colleague of Dominic. Of course they turn out to be the same person; the illegitimate daughter.

Thinking about female characters included in the story I wondered about the female gallery owner; Corrine’s boss.

Of course I suspected the neighbourhood babysitter June. I had wondered what the deal was about the house that Dominic as a journalist had to write a story about, but I kind of parked those thoughts. I also did not make the connection that the woman who owned it was June like the neighbour babysitter. That should have been a big clue; June is hardly a common name. Of course June turns out to be the illegitimate daughter’s Mother.

The last chapters when draw nearer to the reveal of these two characters were true page turners. Lots of drama as Erin attempted to kill (?) the whole family; both sister’s, their Mother and Ashley’s daughter. Would the rest of Ashley’s family have been next? Of course she was stopped in her tracks or rather her life ended on the tracks. When over the police radio with Dominic in the car, the news came in of a fatality on the lines it was predictable it was Erin rather than Corinne.

Following Erin’s death the book seemed to be wrapping up in more gentle tone. But then it ends with June re-emerging. Finally the book finishes on a dramatic cliffhanger of the gallery door handle moving whilst June is near …if this was audible at this point the Eastenders dramatic closing drums dum de dum dum would kick in.

In summary I definitely enjoyed the intricacies of this book; the numerous potential suspects. There were numerous narrative strands; ill children, IVF and James’s work troubles made the characters believable living the busy lives of many. To reiterate I found the final chapters to be page turners!

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