Wonderwall360 Hump Day Careers: W to the F and the H and what do you get WFH…

Many people are doing the WFH at the moment or if you are not familiar with office jargon working from home.

I thought I would share some of how WFH is going for me. My alarm is set at the same time it was when going to work 7am. And I log on by 8.30. However, I have been lie in longer. So the gap between getting up and logging on has been decreasing.

It happened so quick it was hard to get ideal office set up. At the moment my laptop is on top of a pile of books (photo on Instragram Wonderwall360);I have plugged in a separate keyboard and mouse as for my neck, I like my screen high up.

We have a team video call most days at 10am for informal chat to replicate saying hello in the morning. We also have a virtual chat group which I people may say hello on in the morning. There is someone who is conscientiously splitting time between home schooling and full day of work divided into blocks alternated with blocks with his children therefore he uses the chat to log on and off. The 10am meeting means between my dressed kind of work appropriate at least top half. So no strapless tops / dresses. I may be wearing a decent top albeit perhaps tie dye but with jogging bottoms. I kind of don’t want to waste wear and tear of proper work clothes at home. I was wearing dresses and bare legs at one point but my home office does not get the sun so was bit chilly to do that.

It can feel less productive than being in the office for example can not just ask a question to someone next to you and keep going. Instead contacting then takes time and interrupts your flow. Not being in the office you interrupt each other less conveniently again affect flow of work.

Due to nature of my job then I’m finding it simple to log off after I have done my required hours; this may not have been the case in other roles I have done.

It On a Friday at 5pm we have a virtual meeting set up for drinks to help people transition to the weekend. Not everyone attends those.

It can be tedious feeling chained to the laptop alone , in an empty house during the day. However I feel lucky that I’m earning my usual wage. I think without working fulltime, I would be very bored with so many hours to fill alone. Although we are working remotely at least working means I will get some human interaction each day.

This is my current work life. Are you still able to work? Are you WFHing?

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