May Summary



Coincidentally when celebrated VE Day this month the books I read at the beginning of the month all related to the Second World War.

VE wartime books

VE Day 75th Anniversary

If we were having virtual VE Day afternoon tea


Pretty Woman for the first time. Enjoyed it.

Normal People 💓💔

Normal People TV adaption

Isolation Stories from ITV hub including the back stage story which showed how all filmed during lockdown in actors homes. Heavily pregnant Sheridan Smith starred in one alone as a pregnant lady isolating alone; it was filmed by her boyfriend. There was one with two actors talking over zoom mirroring a client and therapist virtual therapy session and another with a Father and son filmed by their wife/Mother. The actors and amateur film crew were supported virtually by directors etc…

The background episode was 30minutes and the 4 stories are about 20minutes long each so worth less than 2 hours of life to watch. If only have a hour watch the background episode and the fourth story which I inadvertently watched first (it does not matter) which order watched in. The fourth episode was my favourite as it was funny and tender. It had the most actors in; a Father and two sons in a house. Filmed from the house by actors’s wife and Mother to sons in episode. In the story the Father is not living with the Mother of his sons; they are estranged. The Father of the som’s Mother appears at the patio window delighting the boys and irritating the Father therefore providing comedy. The final couple of scenes is first a heart warming image of socially distanced connection providing sharp contrast to the final isolated within isolation shot; watch it to see what I mean!


Celebrated VE Day by wearing fascinator all day even to the supermarket.

Had relaxing week of annual leave. I evidently did not go far from house but I still enjoyed having time to relax without days revolving around work.

Wonderwall360 Hump Day Careers: W to the F and the H and what do you get WFH…

I have been following Mindful May prompts. I started by creating a chart which I shared at the end of April on Instagram Wonderwall360. Subsequently each day I written about the prompts and where appropriate carried out fitting actions. The last one for 31st is about looking at the sky. I had not planned to do that so soon in the day but I was looking at the sky at 2pm and thinking about life.

I did a similar prompt based activity a couple of years ago for 30days wild and used blog to document what I got up to.

June 💡 Inspiration 30days Wild 🦓 🦔 🦒 🐸 🦅 🍃

30days wild starts again tomorrow. I will Be continuing following bird life in my local park. There is nesting herons, goslings and cooties (baby coots!). Apparently cygnets 🦢 have been born but the swans seems to be keeping their babies fairly hidden so far! Loved seeing last year’s 4 cygnets develop. 2 of last year’s are still in the park. They are mostly white now but you can tell young as still have the odd grey feather. Rather different to humans where that wisp if grey does not indicate youth! This week also saw a mallard 🦆 looking after an egg so there may be ducklings to come. I would not normally have so much information about my park’s birdlife but it is 2020!

Entry for Covid Time Capsule

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