April 2020 Summary


Lake House by Kim Edwards. I bought this book from a charity shop and when I started reading started getting de Ja vou and eventually realised had read before could not remember all so read it again; was entertaining enough but if can go back to a charity shop when they reopen.

The Co-ops got bananas 🍌 This is Hunter Davis biography from childhood up until early adulthood. I have previously read his adult biography. I have also read his biography on Wainwright and newspaper columns / compilation book of his football articles and have even got his book of lists! So I do find his writing interesting. He grew up in the North of England at Carlisle and in Scotland post war hence reference to the bananas 🍌 is about that revelation post war. Slightly odd to use a throwaway minor comment in book as book title! It was interesting book to me as I enjoy his writing but if did not know him would not be as entertaining. Although it does give a flavour of 1950s Britain.

Unplanned following on from Hunter Davis book that ended in early 1960s I read a book the Affair starting in early 60s. Hunter had wrote about issues such as not knowing anyone homosexual and repressed attitudes to sex therefore The Affair mentioning open homo sequels seemed years more advanced. But part of it was different worlds. From Hunter’s northern England to Rome on a film 🎥 set !

The Affair by Gill Paul. Read and enjoyed her book about Titanic: Women and Children First last year. It was set around filming of Cleopatra starring Liz Taylor in early sixties. Interesting to hear a fictional account of this point in history. There was more than one affair which kept it interesting!

Over the Rooftops – Fiction someone (not Anne Frank) hiding in an Amsterdam attic during world war 2. An enjoyable read if that is appropriate to say for a book that highlighted Brutality.

Why You Should Read Children’s Books, Even Though You Are So Old and Wise by Katherine Rundell. A few interesting points in it but if I was to recommend a book about the value of children’s book instead of this I would recommend Memoirs of a Bookworm by Lucy Manganese.

The Swap An interesting book about two families who find out when their child is three, that the embryo they went through pregnancy with that turned into the baby they delivered was not their embryo. But each Mother carries one child for 9 months, gave birth to it and has looked after for three years but the other is the one they had longed for, the one they are genetically related to. An interestingly page turner looking into these issues and emotions. 

Memoirs of a Bookworm by Lucy Mangan Review

Film / Virtual Theatre 🎭

Theatre on Screen Cyrano De Bergerac, Joseph, Jesus Christ Superstar


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