National Gardening Week in Locked Down UK 10 ways to commemorate the occasion

This week in the UK it is National Gardening Week which is apt at a time when, we are being urged to only leave our own home and gardens for a limited number of reasons.  Given how little allowed out I’m so grateful for my garden. I feel sorry for those in flats; sorry if this is you; not all 10 will work for you but some are possible!

  1. Sunbathe / just sit and feel the sun ☀️ on the face.

Is there any other textures to feel for example I have a plant that looks and feels like lamb ears.

👂 Listen what can you can hear?  (birdsong?, neighbors cutting the lawn?).

👃 🌷 What can you smell ? (Flowers/herbs?).

👁 Look are there pretty flowers?

🥕 Taste is there anything you can eat? If nothing to eat why not plant some seeds for later in the year? For those who can not plant vegetables in a garden what about tomatoes 🍅 on a balcony or herbs /salads/cress in window box/window sill.

2. Pick flowers and press. I have shared some flowers I have pressed on Instagram Wonderwall360.

3. With paper and wax crayons do some brass rubbings of different surface textures like bricks and drain covers.

4. Bird/wildlife watch. Kids may want to find worms. Since I have been spending more time at home as working from home I have discovered that a robin visits my garden.

5.Sit and draw things in your garden.

6. Sit and design how you would like a garden to look. Perhaps create a physical mood board with pages from magazines or a Pinterest board.

7. Have you got seeds you could post to someone else? My sister at Easter sent me three sunflower seeds with a lovely note about growing them for something to look forward to. My Dad sent me seeds too with a note that got me emotional even though mainly just listing what the seeds were! Or order flowers for yourself or someone else perhaps someone without a garden.

8. Get some chalk and draw pictures, rainbows or hopscotch. I have also seen this on pavements outside houses; there are some photos showing chalk drawings I have seen on Instagram Wonderwall360.

9. There are virtual gardening tours on the National Gardens Scheme website. I have just been round Alan Titchmarches! I have learnt The National Garden Scheme was founded over 90 years ago by the Queen’s Nursing Institute, to fund district nurses and it has funded nursing and health charities ever since. Those on the front line right now include the Queen’s Nursing Institute, Macmillan Cancer Support, Marie Curie and Hospice UK.

10. Make a scarecrow.


Finally; there will usually be work to do like weeding – although people are spending so much time in gardens at the moment that the amount of work is diminishing more than most years!

Hope you get to enjoy at least some fresh air / nature during National Garden’s week.


Author: wonderwall360blog

So many wonders of the world to write about on my blog wall. I'm an Oasis fan hence the using wondewall as blog name.

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