I started watching this film 28th March. I finished watching it 11th April. On 28th March I started watching a recording from the tv but the recording cut out partway through. I tried to record it again when it was repeated in the middle of the night the following week; again the recording stopped at the same point. Easter Sunday I ended up paying to ‘rent’ it from Sky.

My first impression was I liked that it starts on day 2 rather than day 0. The day people across globe already infected. Ultimately in my case, three weeks later the movie ends with day 1. In between, there was looting which luckily not seen with covid pandemic and hope we do not. I also hope there is less death and hopefully there will be as unlike in contagion people do survive covid. I feel that not all the narrative strands were really wrapped up*. I’m pleased I have now watched the whole film and would love, if this pandemic could be over in three weeks with a little death as possible.


Presumably Kate Winslet’s character dies but that was not shown.

There was the woman who had been kidnapped who was last shown walking away in airport. Where did she go?

Did Gweneth Paltrow’s character meet with her lover and pass it on?

I may have blinked and missed some plot points but surely not all?

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