Theatre on Screen Cyrano De Bergerac, Joseph, Jesus Christ Superstar

I forgot when I wrote my March summary, that I had been to the cinema. A few days before cinemas closed, saw a National theatres production of Cyrano De Bergerac. It was a recording rather than a live show. Some parts of play quite intimate, so we thought you got something from seeing it on screen, that would not from live performance as got close ups of faces. It was a very minimalistic production with barely any set so the close ups really helped enhance it for me. I was not wowed but at least improved after first rapped scene as would have been very tedious if the whole play had been the same.

At the moment for 48hours from 7pm on a Friday there is Andrew Lloyd Webber production available on YouTube. Last week was Joseph Technicolor Dreamcoat. I put my texhnicolour dress on especially and watched at 7pm Friday. However, I was disappointed it was an unusual version. It was made more like a film than a theatre show. Even the audience was ‘fake’. The premise was that school teachers was telling pupils the story of Joseph then ended up on the stage in the story. I did not really engage with it.

This weekend’s production available until 7pm tomorrow is appropriately for Easter Jesus Christ Superstar. I saw the same cast of Tim Minchen and Spice Girl Mel C live at Sheffield arena. I think the version being showed was filmed at an arena in Birmingham with a live audience.. In the show big screens were used at the back of the stage. This has been my favourite of the three. It is high energy, rock style and lots of powerful voices. Worth close ups for Tim Minchen’s eyes. Andrew Lloyd Webber came on the stage at the end.

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