Top 5 Tuesday – Isolation sanity savers

1. Blogging. Gives me somewhere to express views and see what is happening around world. Iā€™m hosting a blog part over Easter šŸ£ Weekend so would love to meet you there.

Easter šŸ£ party invitation

2. Daily walk to get fresh air. Iā€™m lucky in my locality. Local park has a lake with ducks šŸ¦†, swans šŸ¦¢ , geese and apparently a pair of nesting herons but Iā€™m yet to see them. There is hill in another direction offering from different points both rolling hills and city views. I get to see spring flowers. Excitingly last week discovered a gossiped tree stump not far from my house; with a sign explaining what it was.

3. Online Pilates / yoga šŸ§˜ā€ā™‚ļø with usual teacher.

3. Getting to know my neighbours more. We have a WhatsApp group. Last week we surprised someone by singing Happy birthday šŸ„³ to them on 60th birthday, outside their house spaced out on street. We have also been going out on a Thursday to clap šŸ‘ for key workers who are keeping the country going.

4. Feel so blessed to have my lovely house. 5 years ago, I had just sold my first house. They summer was a complete roller coaster first a couple of months with time ticking on sale to find a house. Once found house 4/5months trying to keep sale and purchase on track and synchronised. Ended up in chain of 5 including someone who was having to move but did not want really want to. I was so stressed! I could not have coped with a pandemic on top of everything else! I have so much space to self including wonderful garden to spend time prettifying. Per 2 and 3 it is in a fantastic location.

5. Getting Sunday times with all its supplements on a Sunday, means time in house just feels like a regular chilled Sunday.

The idea for this list came from Bionic Bookworm.

Check out her blog for her list and link to other lists that may be more exciting than me. So far I have been occupied by working 5 days a week from home; otherwise I may have looked into doing more wholesome stuff like crafts.

Bionic Bookworm

Hope to talk to you over the Easter weekend at my blog party šŸŽ‰

Easter šŸ£ party invitation

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