Top 5 Tuesday: Authors A-Z

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Set the task during March to find an author to highlight for each letter of the alphabet. My list has been published each Tuesday 5 letters at a time. Until this week containing the final 6 letters! The most creative of the lists!

Top 5 Tuesday Authors A-E

Top 5 Tuesday Authors F – J

Top 5 Tuesday: Authors K-O

Top 5 Tuesday Authors – P-T

Usher, Mark

Vincinci Penny, Another author who writes easy reading tones such as family sagas.

Woltizer, Meg

The Wife Discussion (Contains SPOILERS)

Xudoyberdiyeva, Halima is a poet I have found by googling, if you keep reading you too can say you have read a book by an author with a surname beginning with X!

I Have Found You

by Halima Xudoyberdiyeva
Translated from Uzbek by Johanna-Hypatia Cybeleia

I have found you, but farewell,
Say “Farewell,” not “Until we meet.”
This sun will still get very red and hot,
This moon too will wish much harm on my life.

If you won’t become the partner for my sadness now,
Actually, I would never have you as my partner.
Goodbye now, forgive my too much/not enough,
I cannot love you like Layla.

Don’t be hurt because of these mistaken problems.
O God, desires go empty in a moment.
How should I find out in the paths of love–
Not crazy, I will meet You face to face…

GaYner, Hazel, I read her book the Girl who came home, last year it was about a woman who travelled on the Titanic.

The Girl who came home

Finally A and Z meets

aZiZ, Christine author of Olive Reader.

Olive Reader review (Locket challenge)

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