Top 5 Tuesday Authors – P-T

As per challenge set by:

Bionic bookworm

Piccoult, Jodie read all but latest Spark of Light which I have signed copy of but worried about it’s trigger issues.

Queen Victoria, Did you think my list was by surname? No it is by ‘not the author’s first name*’. Queen Victoria wrote a book as a child called the Adventures of Alice Laselles. It is available on Amazon with the following description;

Queen Victoria wrote this charming story about the adventures of Alice Laselles at Miss Duncombe’s school for girls, and the mystery of who put the cat in Miss Duncombe’s kitchen, when she was just 10¾. This tiny gem in its little red notebook is now kept safe in the Royal Archives. It is published here for the very first time, and is illustrated with characters created from Victoria’s own collection of paper dolls, drawn for her by her governess, then delicately coloured in by Victoria herself. A delightful and unique children’s story, it will enchant and captivate every little princess today.

R Bet I will see a lot of Rowling, JK here! I have only read one of hers.

I’m going for Rum, Etaf. I’m currently reading a woman is no man.

First line Friday… first line of a Woman is No Man

Simison Gramme, I have enjoyed all three of his books taking this couple Rosie and Don from meeting, marrying and beyond.

Torday, Paul I have Salmon Fishing 🎣 in the Yemon on my to be read shelf.

Next week U-Z … I reserve the right to creatively adapt statement denoted by *.

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