Top 5 Tuesday: Authors K-O

As per challenge set by:

Bionic bookworm

Kelman, Suzanne – I recently bought her book a View Across the Rooftops. It is set in Amsterdam and love front cover showing, Amsterdam houses as reminds me of my visit there. (See Wonderwall360 instragram for the picture). It is set in 2nd world war; should be interesting.

Larsson, Stigg / Lagerjranz, David. – Larsson started the Girl with Dragon series however he sadly dies after writing the third book. However series has been continued by Lagerjranz. Conveniently for this purpose, both their surnames begins with L!

Moriety, Lorraine, have read and enjoyed several of her books. Have her latest 9 perfect strangers on to be read shelf.

Nicholas David, wrote my favourite book One Day.

Sheffield year of reading: Fave book One Day

Have just read his latest Sweet Sorrow.

O’Flannagon, Shelia; an Irish ☘️ author on St Patrick’s day.

St Patrick’s Day: Irish ☘️ author Shelia O’Flannagon

The rest of the alphabet so far…

Top 5 Tuesday Authors A-E

Top 5 Tuesday Authors F – J

Next part, next week!

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