Sorry. I have introduced this word here. It is the one place I have not seen or heard it. Everywhere I have been this week, it has been talked about. Daily for last few days on social media and via e-mail, there has been notifications about cancellations. Yesterday someone alerted me to a post on social media that stated ,someone in my building had tested positive. I live in a city there is bound, by now to be hundreds of people infected so inevitable would happen sometime. I did; feel need to ring my Mum to tell her as I did not want her to see it first on social media. She had rung me other day and when I said I was eating, she said she had only had one question; had I had flu vaccine. I said yes but, it does not protect against coronovirus. She said she knew but, wanted me to have had it to protect against possible secondary infections. When I told her the news last night though she was stoical and not panicking.

It has been slightly strange Saturday afternoon because usually when even I look at the time on a Saturday afternoon I think ten to three nearly kick off, 3.35 nearly half time, 4.10 oh no 2-0 down can we we pull back to draw?, 4.30 3-0 down, 4.54 another loss confirmed; so someways been less traumatic than usual. Last week was lunchtime kick off, so today seemed strange in same way as last week but just with a slightly eerie feeling edge to it.

I admired David Beckham, Jorgen Klopp and Scunthorpe United’s pragmatic statements that sometimes; there is more important things than football; because there is. I also despite not being a Boris and was pleased he showed humanity and said loved ones would be lost rather than just talking numbers. I fear that I could never see my loved ones again as they live an hour away. But I’am hoping to see my Mum next week for my Mother’s day. The rest of my family too. After that I’m not sure how long I may be apart.

Today despite everyone talking about it, the football absence and an event I was going to bring cancelled Sheffield seemed busy as usual so did not quite feel real.

I’m not sure what point trying to make. Once again sorry for infecting this space with ‘it’. Just I live alone and it feels strange time to live alone. If get quarantined my human contact may be phone calls with parents and Socail media; so somehow I wanted to say something now.

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So many wonders of the world to write about on my blog wall. I'm an Oasis fan hence the using wondewall as blog name.

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