March 2020 Summary

Books 📚

As this month included St Patrick’s day there was an Irish readathon which influenced a couple of the book choices this month.

Most recently; Caroline’s sister by Irish ☘️ author Shelia O’Flannagon.

St Patrick’s Day: Irish ☘️ author Shelia O’Flannagon

Earlier in the month, a book about Irish ☘️  sisters 👯 travelling on the Titanic.

Irish readathon: Titanic Books.

Read A woman is no man, for my April book club; we are going to attempt virtual book club.

A Woman is No Man by Etaf Rum Review

The People at Number 9. Started this end of February then interrupted to read books above. Finished can in last few days. 

I took part in a challenge to find an author for each letter of the alphabet.


So March 2020 did not feature going to any plays, theatre or gigs as places like cinemas and theatres and pubs closed down.


Two week’s ago today…

I recorded Contaigain film about a viral pandemic, from tv but recording stopped part way through. Going to try to record again this week so there may be an update on that next month. There will not be any theatre next month either as Sheffield theatre closed until at least 23rd May; I was due to go next week.

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