Irish readathon: Titanic Books.

As it is St Patrick’s day this month there is an Irish ☘️ readathon. To find out more about the readathon: Irish readathon

I have just finished a book about a pair of Irish sister’s sailing on the Titanic. Last year on a cruise, I visited Titanic museum in Cobh which was Queensferry at the time the Titanic picked up passengers from there and Belfast where the Titanic was built. Subsequent to then I read the following books about the Titanic all featuring Irish characters.

The girl who came home

Women and Children

The one I have just finished is called Titanic sisters by Patricia Falvey. The time on the Titanic only makes up a small part of the book but of course it sets up the rest of the action which is mainly in New York and Texas. It was a pleasant and quick if not sensational read.

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