Everybody’s Talking About Jamie AGAIN

I talk about Jamie a lot! I saw the premiere in 2017 and fell in love. Since seen in person in London and in Sheffield cinema live from London. It has returned to Sheffield, but this time in Lyceum rather than Crucible. I have posted a picture of the stage at the start on Instragram Wonderwall360.

The actress playing the teacher character has changed and I think found original to be a more moving performance; less fake.

Hugh of Victor’s secrets is now played by Shane Richie. Considering he is of Eastenders fame, I was impressed by his northern persona.

More crucially actor playing Jamie has also changed. At first I was dubious but think perhaps that was because I see the original as Jamie having watched him for literally hours. I think I did warm to him.

Overall I still enjoyed this musical. I will watch the film when it comes out in October; not least because I may be in it. Perhaps the different Jamie actor in that will also take some getting used to.

Drag Queens to Bondage

Jamie vs we will rock you

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