Thursday tagtastic: A-Z of books

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Feel free to have a go yourself; mine is below:

Author you’ve read the most books from:

Overall Enid Blyton although not read one for a long time.

As an adult Jodi Piccoult or Tess Gerritsen.

Best sequel ever:

Rosie effect and Rosie Result.

Currently reading.

Capital by John Lancaster for next month’s book club.

  • Drink of choice while reading:
  • Tend to read in bed at night, so rarely drink anything when read. As my instragram, shows I love hot chocolate.

    E-reader or physical book:

    Don’t have e-reader.

    Fictional character you probably would have actually dated in high school:

    Did not date at school, so don’t know.

    Glad you gave this book a chance:

    Rebecca by Daphne Maurine. As I do not tend to like ‘classics’.

    Hidden gem book

    The Martian 👽 as I enjoyed it although do not read sci fi generally.

    Important moment in your reading life:

    Discovering Jodi Piccoult books, as have spent many happy holiday hours reading her books.

    Just finished:

    The Wife.

    The Wife Discussion (Contains SPOILERS)

    January 2020 Summary

    Kind of books you won’t read:


    Longest book you’ve ever read:

    Cloud Atlas. Liked at beginning but got so weird!

    Major book hangover:

    One day as don’t get out of head and it made me cry both times I read it.

    Number of bookcases you own:


    One book you’ve read multiple times:

    Do not often reread but have read my favourite book (see F) twice and listened to the audio book.

    Preferred place to read: 

    In bed.

    Quote that inspired you/ Gives you all the feels from a book you’ve read

    Don’t regret anything. Remember there wasn’t anything else that could have happened, given who you were and the state of the world at that moment. The only thing you can change is the present, so learn from the past.

    From Oliva Joules by Helen Fielding (author of Bridget Jones)

    Reading regret:

    Not having hot round to reading David Nicholas who wrote One Day, latest book; Sweet Sorrow yet.

    Series you started and need to finish:

    Want to keep reading Girl with… dragon story tattoo etc… series

    Time read

    Last thing at night.

    Unapologetic fangirl for:

    Jodi Piccoult even though that may not be cool to say?

    Very excited for this release more than all others: 

    Nothing particularly excited about.

    Worst bookish habit:

    Losing my book marks.

    X marks the spot- start on the top left of your bookshelf and pick the 27th book:

    The former prime minister’s wife Cherie Booth autobiography called Speaking for myself (photo on Instagram Wonderwall360).

    Your latest purchase:

    Bought two broken girls for a future book club.

    Zzzzz Snatcher book (the book that kept you up way too late):

    Find get sleepy quite quick reading these days, so don’t read that late. However, The man who did not call was quite gripping.

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