January 2020 Summary


I have read two books that can fit into the Locket book challenge that I’m doing this year. Firstly the Olive Reader. It could have fitted in food category. Or book about books as about a dystopian world similar to in 1984 or in Will will Rock you (with music) where books have been outlawed in order to control information and therefore people. As the title ‘Olive Reader’ suggests there are some books that do exist hidden away. I think I’m going to put this book in the harder to fill prize winning category as it won Richard and Judy’s how to get published prize.

Then on my book club list The wife by Meg W. It said it was set in Helsinki but actually although central characters were there at start of book (or at least on there way to Helsinki on a plane ✈️ the plot actually flashed back to their lives in America. I had originally thought I could use it for the category of a book set in mainland Europe. In hindsight as Helsinki barely features but a central character is an author I think, I will use it in the category of a book about books. There will be a spoiler discussion post next week after I have been to book club.


Is Cats 🐱 as bad as critics say 2?

Jo Jo Rabbit 🐇 Film Review

Bombshell – watched first half of this. Had free ticket, film did not start until 8.50pm. Knew film just under 2 hours long. Therefore at halfway mark it would have been maybe 2 hours until home as teams would have been less frequent at that time. It was about Trump in 2016 tweeting vicious texts against a female newsreader Meghan. Based on truth. I had never heard of Meghan but heard of President Trump so knew was not going to be happy ending.

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