Sheffield year of reading: Fave book One Day

Apparently 2020 is Sheffield year if readung, so there is various events going on.

There is the chance to win £100 of book vouchers by writing on a postcard or e-mailing about favourite book. So that is worth having a crack at! What do you think of this as a first draft, how can I improve?

My favourite book

I think favourite is difficult to determine in terms of books. There are not many books that I reread. However, I have reread One Day; both times I read it, it reduced me to tears. It is rare books, make me cry so this book also counts as favourite in terms of impact on me. The second time I read it was when I lived in Edinburgh August 2018 because, the book starts in Rankeiler Street in Edinburgh. I retraced the character’s footsteps from Rankeiler Street; up Arthur’s Seat.

I love it so much that I wanted the author David Nicholas, to write a sequalae; then a fellow blogger said; why don’t I write sequalae. I do not feel I have a whole book in me; certainly not one as good as One Day. Therefore last summer starting on the one day in the book, I wrote a series of blog posts as a character in the book in 2019. Coincidently in the blog posts the character was living in Edinburgh over summer like I had done the year before. The posts did not really develop the story; it more picked up parts of the book, I had loved and also allowed me to revisit some of my Edinburgh experiences. For research purposes I bought the audio version which, really brought the humour out of the book. This is a book; that has made me laugh out loud and cry; I can not think of any other book I can say that about!

Further justification of this being my favourite book is that I have bought the audio book and three hard copies of the book. My first copy and acquaintance lost, so I rebought. Then last year there was a 19th anniversary edition with a new cover; so I bought that. If I see a copy in charity shop with an original cover on, I will buy again then donate one I have back to a charity shop because I want a copy in better condition; the copy I have got slightly bashed up when reading on Portabella beach in Edinburgh. I initially read it because, I heard a film was coming out so I wanted to read before film came out. The film did not ruin book; but then I believe the magnificent author David Nicholas, did help write the screen play.

In summary I believe this could be said to be my favourite book!

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