Sheffield elephants, Lincoln knights, Hull Moths and Manchester Bee Sculptures: where are they now?

I have enjoyed several art trials but where are sculptures now? Here are some I have refound in their new homes.

On I already have photos of some of sculptures seen and will be adding more. Tap on my sculpture highlight to see them.

Manchester Bees Where are they now?

Sheffield has a Manchester bee in Market. I have also seen one in Manchester park.

Hull moths where are they now?

Hull moths were in honour of aviator Amy Johnson. There was always one at Sheffield university Diamond building and it remains there as Amy attended the university.

Lincoln knights

Butchers in Scotter have a Knight.

Sheffield Elephants Where are they now?

There is one at Northern general hospital.

Artic Monkey Elephant is in the Winter gardens.

I believed the mini herd elephants were returned to the school who designed them.  Two were designed by groups based in Sheffield Hallam universiry; therefore they are in the reception of Sheffield Hallam City campus.

The Beat Goes On is on the roof at the back of the Great Gatesby.

Leffie is apparently in the fore court of Direct Cars.

Sheffield Summer is at High Storrs school.

Skeleton elephant is in an office in Stocksbridge.

I saw all the big and mini Sheffield elephants; but where are they now????

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