Christmas Reads: A December Wedding and One Perfect Christmas

I bought two books from charity shops, which I thought would be Christmas reads but, neither turned out to be that Christmassy.

First I read A December wedding by Anita Shreve. The wedding was just before Christmas and just over border from Canada, so there was snow; apart from that it was not Christmassy. The bride had terminal cancer. She was marrying a childhood sweetheart and invited their friends from time they met even though not seen each other for years. Additionally there was tensions between friends so premise for this was rather off.

Then I read a book of short stories by Paige Toone. Most did not feature Christmas; just two did and again that was not main point of the story. The stories were chick lit. As first two stories were about women with wealthy celebrities I thought I was soon going to tire of that theme. Luckily different dynamics came out later in the book. There were characters who reappeared in different stories so there was more story development than it simply being short stories. Overall easy read, what expect for chick lit.

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