Last Christmas film review

Will warn before drop spoilers.

Both Love Actually and Last Christmas are centred around London at Christmas and feature Emma Thompson. However apart from that they are vastly different. Emma Thompson wrote last Christmas. Last Christmas is less feel good and it could be said less simplistic than Love Actually. I still enjoyed watching it but think it will not become such a classic as Love Actually.

The lead character works in a Christmas shop in Covent garden, which is full of twinkling lights in the film. The film makes London seem like a village, with reoccurring characters such as policewomen duo. The policewomen’s acting seems forced; this is not the only instance of this in the film. Sue Perkins of former bake off fame also appears in the film and her performance also feels forced.

The film is being touted as being a George Michael music film but his music does not feature that heavily and does not enhance the film, which is a shame.

The lead character in the film is living a chaotic alcohol fuelled lifestyle. Not giving anything away; the film has some drama, sadness and romance. As perhaps the best aspect of film would spoil the film, it perhaps does not come across how much I enjoyed this film despite it’s flaws. It was a layered film that gave some food for thought such as how to live life when was in danger of having it taken away and homelessness.

This ends the spoiler free review.




You expect the film to end with the lead character in a happy relationship therefore it is refreshing change in that this is not how it ends. I realised just before the actual reveal he was a ghost. I realised when they were in the garden and he said she could not rely on him and she was trying to work out what the issue was; was he gay, married etc… It is sad when realise he is not real, so they are not going to be together. Also interesting to think about how she was sensing him. Possibly a good promotion as regards organ donation.

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