Memories of watching Labyrinth from first watch to latest Viewing at Temple of Fun

I have vague memories, of this being on every Christmas when so was young. It seems it came out in 1986 when I was 4. I was not sure, I had watched it all the way through so I went along when Temple of Fun in Sheffield was showing it.

It seems Temple of fun are having regular film nights (there is a couple of Christmas films announced for December. I ate ‘duck’ pancakes, poutine which is Canadian dish with chips, gravy, cheese, ‘bacon’ and the Sheffield product of Henderson relish followed by chocolate shortbread; would you believe this was a vegan restaurant. Food was good, hard to believe vegan! (Photos on Instragram Wonderwall360). Find it rather strange though calling something bacon, duck, chicken or beef burger when it does not contain meat! Vegetarians would not be happy if stated carrot on a menu if it was made from chicken!

I could remember Labyrinth lead actress shared my name and I in past the film scared me. This time I was not scared 🙂

I’m not one for rewatching film but although I know seen parts of it at various Christmas’s, I think I was probably playing with toys / only caught parts of it, so don’t think ever sat down and watched from start to finish. I’m pleased to now now full story. Furthermore I can see why people would see again to take in different details of the Labyrinth. There is the gourds who are like playing cards with two heads, the scrap metal yard and lots of sparkle! Then the castle in final scene is Esher like with lots of connected staircases where it hard to see whether go up or down or sideways ( see instragram Wonderwall360. I could not remember the music; considering all David Bowie, I was disappointed as not his most memorable music. Better music would make me want to watch again more!

Overall I no longer find Labyrinth scary. It is feel good family film. It has sentiments about growing up and dealing with siblings. Sarah often says it is not fair. I thought at one point she said something like ‘It’s not fair but that is just way it is’. I have tried googling to find the quote without success; maybe I need to watch film again to find out.

Watching the film in Temple of Fun was a good experience, I liked the food. There are comfortable big seats. Ideally you want, a seating room for two and share with someone want to cuddle up to. I ended up sharing a seating room with a couple so I was a bit on edge / between two units. I can not concentrate very well watching films at home, so this was a good middle ground between darkness and silence of cinema and more relaxed environment. Location worked well for this enjoyable film!

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