Women and Children First (fiction surrounding Titanic) by Gill Paul

I found this book in a charity shop and it fitted in with my desire to read fiction books about Titanic after visiting Southampton and museums about Titanic in Cobh and Belfast earlier this year as part of a cruise.


I enjoyed the first chapters which established characters and presented colourful image of life on board. No spoiler to say the ship then sank and it was a battle to survive.

The book continued with survivors arrival in New York. There is mystery and grief over the fate of the various characters who have not arrived in New York. The suspense waiting for mystery to be solved is interspersed with a few narrative strands that would all be enthralling on there own but together; create a rich plot.

The book ends with an epilogue summarising survivors further endeavours in their lives which was fascinating.

Following finishing this, upon seeing another Gill Paul book in New discount pop up book shop in Sheffield for 99p, I have bought that.

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