My views of Halloween 👻 ðŸŽƒ

To put simply, I’m not a big fan of it. Which I know will be an unpopular opinion – just call me Halloween Scrooge!

Halloween has it’s origins in Christian festivals but of course now in my opinion vastly over commercialised. Halloween is the eve of Hallows day on 1st November. Hallows Day also called All Saints day is to remember as name suggests all saints. It precedes All Souls’ Day on 2nd November which commentates those who have died. Halloween is kind of about death but death is not celebrated in a respectful way.

I definitely do not like trick or treating. That definitely promotes pointless consumerism and the little packets of sweets 🍬 and decorations uses vast amounts of plastic. I consider kids knocking on strangers doors begging. It is totally against usual precedents for kids of not talking to strangers and against healthy eating 🍬.

Trick and treaters, knocking on vulnerable people’s doors can make them feel frightened in their own home. Especially as heard of stories of teenagers not even dressed up asking for money. I would not mind so much if it was cute kids, I knew and knew they were coming. But as it is there is no benefit to me to bring disturbed all night by people I don’t know. Therefore on Halloween night I turn lights off at front of house and pretend to be out.

I have mixed feelings about fancy dress generally. I have never personally suggested fancy dress. However, sometimes I get in to the creative process of putting together an outfit. I do not like to spend much on fancy dress, will not wear again. My favourite fancy dress is 1920s as can wear the dress again plus now I have a lovely 1920s style handbag I can use. Lat year for a Halloween party I bought Skelton joggers. I also wore them for a night time walk to and from a bonfire; they were quite fun.

Although I’m not a fan of Halloween 👻 if someone else is organising something Halloween related then I do not mind getting involved (as long as it is not treat and treating / hosting trick or treaters). I will go to Halloween parties. This year in run up to Halloween, I have been reading the appropriately titled Dead Souls 💀 by Ian Rankin and on Halloween itself, planning to read a bit of Dracula 🧛‍♂️ by candlelight 🕯

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