Top 5 Tuesday: audio books

  • Sarah from bionic books challenged to list top 5 audio books.
  • However I have not listened, to many audio books. My list is what I have listened; to rather than favourites and only got to three and half. Half because last month when Bleak house was free on Audible’s, started reading it but did not get far. The best bit was the introduction by the narrator Miriam Gargoles who explained that now a days lots of narrators read the books from tablets. However, she has it all printed and laid in front. Also she explained how someone checks she reads correct words. It sounds quite difficult; two authors I saw at the weekend agreed it was difficult to record the books correctly. One author said she did not like narrators who did ‘voices’.
  • Do you like audio books?

    How much does she he narrator and whether they do ‘voices’ affect your enjoyment?

    1. Two years ago in preparation for Cousin Rachel film, listened to it rather than read, as was already in middle of book. Enjoyed it and then have not seen film as went from cinema’s quickly.

    2. Alice in wonderland. Was not keen on Sheridan’s narration.

    3. One day by David Nicholson. Have previously read twice and this summer listened to, to prepare to write blog posts as one of the characters. I found it funnier listening than when read; literally laugh out loud funny.

    One day: audio book and 10 anniversary addition and beyond (Jasmine’s blog) Contains SPOILERS

    4. Bleak house by Charles Dickens; listened to just a little.

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